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From The Desk Of: Ennova Inc.
Subject: 10 Interviews To YOUR Innovation Success Story 

Have you ever thought... 
How are all these companies innovating so fast and running agile organizations?
I hear people talking about innovation… agile… sprints... canvases and a lot of other stuff.

And it seems like a ton of fun... but... 
"How am I, someone who doesn't work at a new startup and don’t have an unlimited budget (like some of the big guys seem to have), how am I going to innovate like them?”
My name is Matt Walker, and I'm a partner at a company called Ennova Inc.

I've built multiple businesses and worked with many clients who have developed new products and services people were lining up to get access to.

Before I became a partner with Ennova, I ran a team inside a big Canadian consulting firm, which was losing money and losing market share every year. I started out with a few failures but managed to learn some lessons that helped me growth that business about 8x in the span of 18 months.

My partner at Ennova Inc., John Sutherland had similar experiences in creating and growing Ennova and working with clients all over the world.

So, we wanted to ask our network, what were their innovation experiences. How have they been able to innovate like the best? Were there common experiences, both failures and successes that people could learn from?
We ended up talking to 10 innovation leaders about how to innovate like the best...
Talking with these leaders has taught us a lot. Hearing these interviews:
  •  You'll discover the exact techniques that incredible innovators are using to make great products and services
  •  You’ll learn about signals from the future including blockchain, artificial intelligence and corporate innovation
  •   You don't have to research what everyone else is doing; we'll help you discover new ways to grow your business
  •  You'll learn how corporate innovators are structuring their teams and getting great results
  • You'll learn tried and tested techniques that top innovators use every day with their teams and companies
  • You'll know exactly what the worlds innovation leaders are doing and what's worked and hasn't worked
After listening to these conversations several times, they left me COMPLETELY CONVINCED, that ANYONE, as long as they applied the tested and proven innovation learnings found in these 10 interviews, could Innovate Like The Best

I needed to share this with everyone.  
Everyone who has ever thought about corporate innovation…
needs to hear these people talk.
At first we planned on selling them… 

But because I know what they are worth, and how much I would have to charge if I were to sell them…

I knew that if I did, a lot of people wouldn't get access to these incredible stories, learnings and ideas. 

So, I thought, what if I give everyone access…
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